If you’re dreaming of a pool in your backyard this summer, how about taking it up a notch and adding poolside decking to make it feel like an oasis?? 

The great news is that there are plenty of stylish and attractive options for the perfect poolside decking material to fit any budget. From wood-like composite materials to plastic sheets, each type has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider carefully. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore these factors so that you can choose the suitable?decking Plymouth material?for your charming outdoor setup. 

Choose a Material That is Moisture Resistant 

When selecting the poolside deck material, it’s essential to consider how much moisture the area is exposed to. Wood can be an attractive option and cost-effective, but due to its organic nature, it is not ideal in areas that could expose it to a lot of water.? 

Instead, opt for something that can withstand the typical wear and tear associated with the constant shifting of weather patterns and frequent dampness. For example, composite decks or those made of durable hard plastic are made to be moisture resistant and can genuinely improve the lifespan of a pool deck. 

Choose a Material That isn’t Slippery 

When you think of a poolside deck, you think of fun, relaxation, and beautiful scenery. However, if made with a slippery material, those visions can quickly transform into scary scenes where you could lose your balance and injure yourself.? 

So, when designing the perfect poolside deck, select a material that won’t slip too easily when wet. A great choice would be concrete since it is solid and durable, and its non-skid properties reduce the possibility of slipping accidents.? 

With such a minimalist approach to building your dream backyard oasis while ensuring your safety through careful consideration in selecting suitable materials, you can ensure that all of your summer days are spent safely lounging by the pool. 

Choose a Material That Prevents the Growth of Algae and Moss 

When it comes to a poolside deck, the material used should be aesthetically pleasing and safe to walk on and prevent the growth of algae and moss.? 

You can ensure that your poolside deck is optimally maintained with a few simple steps: 

  1. Choose a low porosity material so algae and moss cannot penetrate it easily. 
  1. Consider how the sun’s rays would affect the material’s longevity since both high sunlight exposure levels and water saturation can increase the development of these organisms. 
  1. Opt for a stone or composite material naturally resistant to moisture and can handle high levels of UV radiation without discoloration or wear.? 

Considering these factors will ensure a poolside deck that looks good and stays clean and safe for everyone to enjoy! 


Nowadays, there are tons of poolside decking materials to choose from. That is why it’s important to always research before you choose any material. Make the right investment if you want to get the most out of your money.? 

So, before you install your poolside deck, ensure you consider the things above.