The roof is one of the most important house elements that provides security and privacy to the house. It also provides the foundation and support to complete the whole architectural design. Aside from its functional use, it also serves as an aesthetic element that improves the curb appeal and creates impressions from the guests and/or homebuyers. Having a damaged roof will cause many problems and inconvenience. It is important to be always ready and get a Roofing Trade Membership in times of need.  


Of course, we are not perfect and no matter what we do: regular cleaning, or regular checkups, we still fall prey to the mistakes and errors that we passively do. It is important to be educated with these mistakes to avoid repeating them. 

Wrong Things that People do to Their Roof 

1.You always forget to trim the trees near the roof 

The trees near the roof can be a potential hazard not just to your roof but also to you and your family’s life. A tree has a tendency to have fallen branches especially when there is a strong wind and weather, thus it is of significance to regularly trim your trees and remove all those branches near the roof.  

Also, the fallen leaves can be a breeding ground for the molds and bacteria that will also harm the roof and will lead to its faster deterioration.  

2.Pulling up shingles to check some leaks 

When you suspect there’s water leakage in the house do not attempt to fix it yourself and pull the singles to see if there is something wrong. Pulling up shingles will lead to more damage that was not even in the first place. Also, if you notice some problems, do not stall and contact immediately a professional roofer to determine the problem and fix it before anything gets more destroyed.  

3.Busting out the pressure washer when cleaning 

Heavy pressure is really not recommended even if how confident you are in your roof and its durability. In fact, soft method of cleaning is what recommended when you want to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to your roof. This is because too much pressure may cause the surface to crack or the paint to chip. Over time, this will erode the roof. 

4.DIY’s fixes and projects 

While we understand that there are things that easy to do now because YouTube and influencers have been providing me DIY manuals and How-to videos, it is still not a good idea to manipulate your roof on your own such as doing some roof projects or repairs as you will end up creating mistakes and damaging your roof more.  

Also, by creating projects in your roof, this will necessitate you to climb and step on your roof that might cause it to erode and weaken over time.  

Final thoughts 

While the Internet has been providing us different information on how to do something, there are still things that are risky to do, and so it is highly recommended that you call a professional and give them the tasks of roofing repairs and projects.